Gbintiri Chapel Gbintiri Chapel The Beginning the Church service under the harts. 199029052 They tried severally to build with a local material, but could not hold. 199029054 FOTFT dedication of the ground to commence building 199029055 The foundation 199029056 FOTFT's director Rev. Dr. Ama Owusu at work 199029057 Ready to roof building 199029051 Disaster stuck - Part of the building collapsed 199029058 One week later, almost everything was on the ground. Director inspect damage 199029048 Complete damaged 199029059 Members of the church devastated. 199029050 Director encouraged members of the church." We shall rebuild" she said. 199029049 Walls rebuilt. 199029060 Chapel Roofed 199029061 Ready for Easter convention 199029047 Congregation from twenty-five surrounding gathered for Easter convention. 199029046 Finally Completed 199029062 Side view of the completed Glorious Chapel, Gbintiri. 199029063 Front side view 199029064 199029065 Praise God!!!! 199029066