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Families Of Today For Tomorrow endeavors to provide the needs of the villages through projects. We work with Churches, Corporations and interest groups through sponsorship to execute these projects.
*Church buildings- In remote villages that  lack worships facilities,
*School buildings- For children in remote villages with no schools or have to trek tens of miles to get to school every morning,
*Boreholes- The need for boreholes are overwhelming. Many remote areas have no portable water to drink. Most of these villagers drink from streams which are polluted causing diseases. These streams also dry up in dry seasons making it very difficult for the villagers. Some have to walk ten miles to compete with animals for water.

The next project is children's home. The need to build such a facility in the Northern Region of Ghana is overwhelming. There are many children that are displaced and are orphans due to tribal-wars in the area. Many of these children are lift in the care of extended family members who are also impoverished or children playing the role of parent taking care of siblings. These children struggles to have a meal to eat in a day with hard labor; as such many are not going to school or are not able to attend classes each school day because they have to work. These orphans do not have any future unless something is done about their situation. Families Of Today For Tomorrow is taken the steps to bring hope to these hopeless children by building a children's home that would care for many of these children. We have currently acquired acres of land at Nagboo a village near Nalerigu in the Northern Region for this project (See Pictures down the page). This facility is a big undertaking, it would therefore be built in faces and modules. Preparation is on the way to commence building the first face which would be a school/administration block and two residential buildings for about eighty (80) children and their care-givers. We are able to do these project with your sponsorship, we invite you therefore to join our team with your contributions and support. Let us make a difference today for tomorrow.
To Sponsor a project, kindly contact the Missions Director by
 Email: [email protected]

Gbintiri zone Chapel Completed This is our second Chapel building project in the northern region of Ghana. Over twenty-five village Churches would worship in this chapel.

  This picture is a Church Building project at Laatari- Northern Region for a Church that worshiped under a mango tree. This project is sponsored by the Living Word Assembly of God, Toronto Ontario.

Gbintiri zone Chapel on-going: This is our second Chapel building project in the northern region of Ghana. Over twenty-five village Churches would worship in this chapel.

            Land for next building project- orphanage homes and school for the under privileged

      Upcoming project-  Children Residence, School/Administration Block

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